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Association Management Solutions Like No Other

Let your community association grow and prosper with the help of Casa Association Management, Inc. As a full-service, licensed community association company servicing HOA and Condo associations across Florida, we take pride in streamlining the association management process and reducing the amount of time your board of directors spend on managing association details and more time focusing on the big picture. With our extensive experience and thorough expertise, you can count on us to complete every aspect of our services, from start to finish, efficiently and with superior attention to detail.
We pride ourselves on our professionalism, transparent communication and ability to problem solve, which we call “taking care of business.” We utilize cutting-edge technology to make sure the association’s board of directors and owners can always see what’s happening with their association. We understand that there is no one-size-fits all approach to association management and tailor our responsive, high-touch approach to the needs of your community. We will work together to design the ideal management plan for your association’s unique needs. We are not a chain and won’t treat you as a number.
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What We Do

Let our experts oversee the overall maintenance and upkeep of your properties, including its facilities and amenities. To ensure all your requirements are met, we will do the following:

  • Budgeting for repairs and upgrades

  • Managing the vendor bid process and hiring the vendors for routine maintenance and special projects

  • Supervising vendors and maintenance staff on-site

  • Conducting property inspections and investigating complaints

The board of directors and other owners can rely on us to excellently complete all office duties. Our dedicated staff will gladly fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Managing correspondence

  • Tracking vendor paperwork and managing other building management records

We can oversee all work related to managing your association’s expenses and fee collections. These include the following duties:

  • Collection of monthly association dues, assessments, and miscellaneous fees

  • Preparation of monthly financials

  • Management of vendor contracts

  • Tracking of invoices and payments

With our help, the board of directors can guarantee to have fruitful and productive meetings. Specifically, we will handle the following:

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Distributing meeting notices

  • Prepping the board of directors before the meeting

  • Preparing data and research related to community issues

  • Overseeing elections

Our staff will always ensure that every pertinent information, announcement, update, and message is effectively relayed to all involved parties. Particularly, we will perform:

  • Direct communication with owners through email, text, and telephone

  • Passive communication through newsletters and flyers

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Count on us to fulfill your association management needs. To learn more about what we offer, contact our staff today. We serve homeowner communities based in Miami and the Tampa Bay area in Florida.